Liver Qi In Motion

Liver Qi—the energy that represents the Spring season—likes to move up and out with great flexibility, like a tree with outstretched branches. Imagine, if you will, what grows in Spring. There are traditional flowers, of course, but Nature provides so much more. Wisteria, climbing roses, and clematis are just a few examples of Liver Qi in bloom!

These flowering vines are able to move with greater ease than traditional rooted flowers that can only grow in one direction. As they grow, the vines don’t only move up and out, but in every direction as well, allowing them the best possible exposure to sun and space. Nature is simply brilliant!

Many gardeners plant flowering vines on arbors and trellises, and train the flowers to form the shape of the base object. But have you seen vines climb up the side of a house, or wrap tightly around a tall tree? These vines are hard to contain! Unless the vine is cut at its root, it will continue to grow, up and out—freely—no matter how much it is trimmed. Why? Liver Qi loves to move!

Many people with Liver Qi stagnation feel “stuck” physically and emotionally. They may have trouble making decisions, and may experience migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, breast tenderness, fibroids, and digestion issues, among others. Liver Qi energetically helps to process stress. It’s also responsible for the smooth flow of blood, Qi, and emotions.

Now complete the picture by imagining your life as one of those flowering vines. You are deeply rooted in the ground and able to stretch out in every direction, but do you? Do you take the opportunity to find the best “sun” and “space” to help you blossom, or do you leave opportunities behind? Keep this free-flowing visual in your mind throughout this season. In order to allow yourself to freely bloom, you must provide yourself the space to grow. Be flexible, look for opportunities, and shake the rust off so you can spread your branches freely in every possible direction.

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