The Liver and Women’s Health

In Spring, the season of the Liver, we focus much of our attention on women’s health. Why is that? All women’s health issues are directly or indirectly related to Liver function; most are associated with the Liver being too cold.

Smooth Flow

The Liver is known as the “go with the flow” organ. A well-functioning Liver will flow smoothly, which translates to your smooth-flowing physical and emotional well-being. As Qi and blood flows throughout your body, you’ll find that you are more flexible—both physically and emotionally—and your digestive system is running effortlessly. Conversely, menstrual cycle disorders, including cramps, are a sign the Liver is experiencing excessive Cold. Menstrual cramps are also a sign of Qi, or energy, stagnation.

It is important for healthy Liver function, as well as healthy metabolism function, to allow things to flow—not just at the body level, but also at the mind, emotion and spirit levels. Emotions, feelings and thoughts are energetic frequencies that we experience in this reality. Qi stagnation is simply the inability to let emotional feelings flow. This causes energy to accumulate over time and, under certain circumstances, this energy can transform into a mass or matter. This is just what Einstein proved with his equation, E=mc². Matter and energy are different forms of the same thing and either one can transform into the other.

Blood and Qi

Blood and Qi are inseparable partners. Cold energy causes both blood and Qi to become stagnant or stuck. This causes body functions to also become sluggish. Generally speaking, pain conditions are related to Cold. One of the major factors of breast cancer is Cold—the kind of essence that causes clumping, sticking and coagulation. Breast cancer, breast lumps, cysts and uterine fibroids are also associated with Qi stagnation.

In the case of the physical liver, an energy stagnation means that this organ will move blood in a sluggish manner. Blood circulation is a vital job controlled by the Liver. The flow of emotions is also controlled by the Liver and Gallbladder. If you continually suppress emotions, allow your emotions to become chronic, or if things aren’t flowing smoothly in your life—which is energy flow of the highest order—you are already experiencing a Liver function disorder.

Rebalancing the Liver

Many of us lead stressful lives. The Liver processes all of this stress and the anxiety and frustration that come along with it. Energetically, the body will always work its hardest to get you back to balance, even if other organs need to compensate to help support the Liver’s free flow.

To give your body a helping hand, follow these tips:

  1. Eat for Healing: The healing essence of sour and green foods energetically strengthens Liver function. Fill your plate with dandelion greens, broccoli, plums, green apples, and pickles.
  2. Energy Practice: Try Qigong or another energy practice to get your Qi flowing. You’ll feel lighter and less tense in mind-body-spirit.
  3. Release your frustrations! Pop balloons, jump on some bubble wrap, or throw eggs in the woods. Feel the freedom that comes with letting these emotions flow!
  4. Walk in Nature: In many ways, we’ve lost our connection to the ultimate energy source: Nature. Take some time to walk through the woods, connect with a tree, garden in your yard or simply sit in a peaceful outdoor space. Notice the growth and promise of Spring. That promise is within you as well.

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.


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