Women’s Health: Getting Qi From Dark Energy, Dark Matter

In this life, there are no accidents. Your spirit makes a decision as to how you will experience life. Women have inherited the unique gift of creating life. They are entitled to connect to dark energy—dark matter—which is associated with the source of life. Because women have an access code to receive this information, they can apply it in all areas of life. It is not limited to child bearing. It’s the big picture of visible and invisible.

How do you want to use your gift? Some women may choose not to have children. Instead, they create art or music, or write books. Or they may have cats and dogs, and those are their babies. The way you apply your creativity is up to you.

You can use your creativity to create health, too.

Most people look to Chinese medicine after they’ve already been diagnosed with an illness. It’s seen as an avenue to heal disease or cure allergies, or even to remove wrinkles. But Chinese medicine doesn’t focus on disease or illness. Instead, it understands that when the body is energetically out of balance, disease and illness exist. Behind health is health consciousness. So ask yourself: How do you think about your health? How do you feel about your health? Change the focus. Instead of focusing on disease and illness, focus on your innate creativity.

Qigong is energy healing. It can help you experience the connection between body, mind, and spirit. This is possible through your unique body. Use Qi. Connect the Qi from dark energy and dark matter.

Behind every visible cue is the invisible. The invisible is always much bigger—and more powerful—than the visible. The visible and invisible always connect, but we only see the visible. Try this experiment: Look at your body and your life from every point of view. Who or what is your headache? What caused your shoulder pain? What are you really carrying? Go beyond the visible and see yourself from an invisible level.


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