Weekly Challenge: Become the Good

In our modern lives, with the concentration on the negative, it’s not easy to focus on the good. Good news appears to be scarce. But are good actions, good people, and good things really that limited or is the narrative we’re hearing just that negative? Many of our thoughts and actions are based on fear. The ultimate truth of our reality and who we are is far different. The good is out there. Are you looking for it?

Any information or situation you encounter is a sign from the invisible, spiritual aspect of yourself. My master frequently reminds me that if you associate yourself—your beliefs and thoughts—with the good, eventually, you become the good. The same applies with negative thinking. Energy attracts like energy. We can even apply this kind of thinking to prevent illness and disease. How can you create a good, healthy ending if you begin from a state of fear?

-Grand Master Nan Lu


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

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