Grow in the Direction of Your Focus

As kids grow, they naturally face troubles with friends, schoolwork, teachers, sports, etc. As adults, we guide them through these times, and help them to see the unfolding events from a new perspective. While it isn’t always easy, childhood bumps and bruises prepare kids for some of the challenges they will ultimately face in adulthood. Facing troubling times while they are young will hopefully give our kids the perspective and wisdom to recognize and appreciate true friendships and actively practice gratitude in their lives.

In helping them through these times, we teach them to…

see the good in every person and every situation.

lead with love.

seek out sources of wisdom.

deepen their trust and belief in themselves.

recognize that their true source of strength comes from within.

We grow in the direction of our focus. Your focus sets the tone each day of your life. There will always be worries, challenges, and troubling experiences at every age, in every walk of life. Making the choice to see the good in every situation sets us on a path to create a life we love.

As Grand Master Lu says, “You hold the power. Change your perspective, and you’ll change the path.”