Create Your Own Getaway

Everyone connects to events, circumstances, and even seasons of the year differently. For some, the telltale signs of summer might be warmer weather or an annual beach getaway, while for others, summer is simply a feeling—the air smells different, the sun feels different, and the body responds by slowing down and taking it all in.

Now picture the word vacation. It’s amazing what happens, right? Your shoulders instantly drop, your breathing slows, an image of an idyllic beach or lush mountain range flashes across your mind, and a smile forms on your face. Aah vacation—a time to get away from the stressors of life and truly enjoy the company of those we love. But why wait for a scheduled vacation to slow down and breathe in the best life has to offer?

Many times, we are wrapped up in our daily lives—deadlines, carpools, jobs, responsibilities—and simply cannot break away, even for a couple of hours. Or can we? In the moments you are connected to your computer, driving non-stop, and continually pushed and pulled, ask yourself which of those things are essential? Must you complete this responsibility at this very moment? Do the kids absolutely need to be at the very event you’re driving yourself crazy to get them to? Or can you take a break, close your eyes, and just breathe?

A vacation doesn’t have to be a planned getaway. Just as you don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar to feel summer in your bones, you don’t need to schedule a week-long trip to vacate your daily grind. Devote 60 minutes to take the dog on on a slow walk through nature. Go on a half-day adventure somewhere new. Create a new normal that takes you away from the busyness of life—go to the movies, treat yourself to your favorite gelato flavor, seek out the best coffee bar in your city. Sometimes the best little getaways are those we create ourselves.

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