We all have things that we can let go of—old clothing, ill-fitting shoes and even some memorabilia from our days of youth. But more often than not, we choose to hold onto these things. Why? Some feel that they represent who they were in various stages of life. And the past is hard to let go of.

But while things may hold various memories for you, they are simply objects, and when the time comes that they no longer bring you joy, it’s time to let them go. Many of us approach our health in a similar way. We seldom think about the aches and pains that reoccur every month or the itchy skin and watery eyes we experience as the seasons change. Why? Because these symptoms have become as regular to us as the box of objects that we’ve held onto for decades.

Are you truly aware of the symptoms your body is experiencing? Can you approach them from a different perspective? Traditional Chinese medicine is predicated on the understanding that the body uses symptoms to speak to you. If you are in tune with your body and can hear these messages, you can begin to view life—and health—energetically. And once the body is energetically in balance, it no longer needs to use symptoms to communicate.

In this season of Fall, when trees drop their leaves and we begin to let go of the warm days of summer, take stock of your own personal space. Let go of things little-by-little, giving up whatever no longer brings joy into your life. Then take this cleansing a bit deeper by taking stock of your body’s messages. Is your body asking you to slow down, eat better foods or step out of your comfort zone? Is a stomach ache at the same time of day really a coincidence? Or is there a hidden message there?

By developing the awareness that you and your body are one moving, living being and by supporting your body with good warming foods, energy practice like Qigong and ample rest, you are giving your body the boost it needs to get back into balance and maintain wellness.


Delve deeper!

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Then register for an upcoming Dragon’s Way class to get started on your journey toward better health.


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