Health is Based on Cooperation

Life is based on cooperation. Nature is based on cooperation. If this truly is the case, then health has to be based on cooperation as well.

Think about what happens in Nature as seasons change. This pattern comes and goes four times a year in most places around the world. We, as humans, prepare with the proper clothing, growing patterns for foods and various seasonal activities. However, Nature seamlessly flows. Regardless of the season, the sun still shines, warming all of Earth and its inhabitants. The moon still transitions through its phases. Animals innately know when to gather food in preparation for a long, cold winter. Trees and plants know when to enter a state of dormancy to conserve their energy for Spring. And throughout the year, Nature remains balanced.

If there is a jolt to its system creating ecological imbalance, Nature will always—eventually—find its way back to balance. But it cannot find harmony in its individual parts. If, for example, a forest fire cleared acres of land, everything living in and around this ecosystem would be affected. Therefore, it is not enough to simply reintroduce wildlife. On the contrary, fires may actually add nutrients to the soil, helping new plants and trees to grow and flourish, therefore encouraging wildlife to return on their own. In order for harmony to be restored, every piece of the ecosystem—animals, plants, soil, insects, microbes—must cooperate to regain balance and create a seamless, harmonious system.

Have you thought about your own body in this same way? All of the tissues, bones, ligaments, vessels and cells in your body must work as a unit to create a balanced whole. You can separate your body into its individual parts or systems. For example, constant stomach aches might signal a weak digestive system. Or trembling hands might indicate a nervous system issue. But just as in Nature, each of these systems must communicate both individually and cooperatively to create a working whole. If one part is out of sync, the whole being suffers.

Each system in the body has its own consciousness and knows its own purpose. It also innately knows—just as the sun knows how to continually shine—to communicate with all other systems. Once you meet this requirement—with each system working in harmony—the body can heal itself. When the body is in balance, disease cannot enter.


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