Your Body’s Resources

Do you ever wake up with a scratchy throat or feel run down? This time of year, our bodies are processing all of Nature’s changes. The weather jumps up for a day and dips back down for two. Some days it’s windy or sunny, and others it’s damp and chilly. In Spring, the weather is hardly ever consistent.

When you feel run down or a bit off, what do you do? It’s when we’re not quite ourselves that we become more keenly aware of our bodies’ resources and the way we use them. Everything we ask our bodies to do uses Qi (energy). For example, drinking cold drinks like ice water or smoothies is difficult on our bodies. We must pull from our reserves in order to warm our bodies up. This takes Qi, and a lot of it! It’s the same thing with junk food and sugar. Eating close to Nature and warming our foods and drinks helps our bodies to more easily and readily process foods so we can conserve our Qi and use it instead for healing and maintaining balance.

As you go through your day, become aware of what you feed your body—foods, drinks, and thoughts. Are you giving your body what it needs to function at its utmost potential? If not, make a few slight changes. Blanch your vegetables before adding them to the smoothie, drink tea instead of ice water, enjoy a fresh mango instead of a piece of candy and wear a jacket on chilly days. These simple little changes will allow your body to direct its energy resources toward healing.

Practice with Grand Master Lu!

The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth is an important component to our healing programs. Allow your Qi to flow freely and build yourself, one step at a time. Practice this standing meditation with Grand Master Lu. Hold the posture for three minutes at first, and continue to add one minute daily until you’ve reached 30 minutes. You can do it!

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