Reaching a Higher Level

Focus, determination, and effort are key factors to achieving any life goal. Qigong practice is no different. Personal outcomes depend solely on what each individual brings to the table.

When you begin to practice Qigong, you feel more energized and somewhat peaceful. As you dedicate more time and delve deeper, you’ll accumulate more Qi. You’ll maintain your current health, but will not yet reach the level of resolving issues. Stepping up to the next level, your dedication to a serious daily practice will lend itself to self-discovery. As you build internal resources, new truths begin to reveal themselves. Beliefs slowly shift as the body steps on its path toward self-healing.

With dedicated Qigong practice, each individual can reach their own level of healing. Join us every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM EST for Qi Thursday, a complimentary Qigong practice derived from Dragon’s Way Qigong®. Our goal is to support you as you develop the focus, determination, and effort it takes to bring your Qigong practice to the highest possible level.

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