Eating for Healing: Bring on the Heat (and the Moisture)!

TCM views food as medicine. For thousands of years, foods have been prescribed to prevent—and treat—various conditions. In Autumn, Lung/Large Intestine energy is dominant. The Lung favors foods that are spicy, such as daikon radish, chili, the whites of scallions and horseradish. We are constantly striving for balance. In connecting with Nature, the spicy heat of Fall foods makes a lot of sense. What better way to harmonize our bodies as the weather gets chilly then to warm it up with a bit of spice?

In addition to spicy foods, pears and honey are also beneficial to the Lung. These foods help provide moisture to the body. Energetically, the Lung receives the essence of food from the Stomach and Spleen. It then decides how much Qi each organ needs and distributes it throughout the body. The Lung also disperses Qi to the tissues between the muscles and the skin and helps to moisturize the skin. Eating foods that help add moisture to the body will support the Lung. Healthy Lung function is evident in radiant, wrinkle-free skin.

Since many celebrations center around the dinner table and we eat three meals every day, the easiest way to support your Lung function is by eating healing foods.

To give your Lung and Liver a boost, try making pickled radish or warm up with a bowl of daikon radish soup. Finally, end your meal with a healing dessert of honey roasted pears.


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