The Body Never Lies: Insomnia and Jittery Nerves

All living systems have the innate ability to harmonize themselves with their environment. But did you know that information overload upsets this natural state of balance and depletes your Qi? The result is often insomnia and jittery nerves.

Often times, we don’t associate the “soup” of magnetic and electro-magnetic fields (EMF) we’re immersed in—from computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, TVs, watches, microwaves, and more—with the symptoms that we’re experiencing. But these symptoms are the body’s way of communicating.

It may seem ridiculous in this day and age to live without a smart phone. However, devices that seem so necessary to our lives also create vibrations that can disrupt our bodies’ healthy functioning.

A simple way to conserve Qi and maintain internal balance is to take periodic breaks from EMF exposure. Start with an energy practice. Our Dragon’s Way Qigong® program combines Wu Ming Qigong energy movements with an eating for healing plan to build your Qi, balance your body, and reduce your stress. Your body becomes more peaceful, and the constant vibrations begin to ease, leaving you feeling steadier, more balanced, and better able to get a good night’s rest.

Try these simple and effective tips for reducing information overload:

1. Power down your cell phone and computer every night.

2. Take a 5-minute break from the computer every hour to stretch your legs.

3. Bring Nature indoors! Adorn your desk with a green plant. Glance away from your computer (and toward the plant) every 15 minutes.

4. Watch yourself. Are you on your cell phone all the time? Do you bring it to the dinner table with you? Is it by your bedside every night? Does it interfere with your family time? Lessen your dependence on your phone for just one week.

5. Go on a news fast for a few days. Many of us start our days by watching the news or reading the newspaper. Many of the reports are negative, causing us to feel sad, angry, or worried. Find something happy to start your day with instead, like an upbeat song, or a conversation around the breakfast table.

After a week or two of following these tips, you’ll be amazed by how energized you feel. Instead of using your Qi to keep up with the demands of EMF overload, use it to rebalance and harmonize your body for better sleep.

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