Teachings of November’s Full Moon

Throughout history, many cultures have passed down stories about the full moon, either through written or spoken word. Some, like the man in the moon, tend to be tall tales. But many traditional folklores are rooted in man’s connection to Nature.

November’s full moon is known by many names, but is most commonly referred to as the “Beaver Moon”. At this time of year, beavers are busy building dams and storing food in preparation for the long, cold winter ahead. Native American tribes relied on beaver fur for warmth during the winter, and as beavers were more visible and active at this time of year, Native Americans used this time to hunt.

November’s full moon, which in 2020 is the last before the winter solstice, is also known as the “Full Frost Moon”, after the frost that appears on the grass or the “Mourning Moon”. Embracing November’s Mourning Moon allows one a period of reflection, cleansing and renewal. The tradition was to let go of accumulated possessions and emotions in preparation for a lighter start to the coming new year.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Fall is governed by the Lung and Large Intestine. Nature’s message, and that of this organ system, is to simply let it go! In Fall, trees shed their beautiful leaves with full faith that they will regrow in Spring. As we let go, of our own possessions and emotions, we allow our bodies to connect with Nature and the message it sends us with every falling leaf.

On Monday, November 30 at 4:43 AM EST, November’s full moon will light up the night sky. It will bring with it a partial penumbral eclipse, which will be faint, yet visible for just about an hour, right as the moon appears full.


The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth

Along with Universal change comes a shift in energy. As you stand in the light of the full Moon, connect to the consciousness of this profound energy. Click the video below to practice The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth with Grand Master Nan Lu. As you stand in meditation, allow yourself to release the thoughts and emotions that no longer bring you happiness. Throughout the following day, spend time going through the possessions you’ve accumulated. What things do you really need? Which items could bring joy to someone else? Share some items with a friend. Donate some others. Allow yourself to experience the freedom of letting go!

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