Boldness. Connectedness. Unity. That’s what the moon represents. Its energy connects and unites every living being on Earth.

Although the light from October’s full moon–the Hunter’s Moon–has been illuminating the skies for the past two days, it will reach its full peak Sunday night at 5:10 pm EST. The Hunter’s moon is the first full moon to rise after the Harvest Moon, and is the first to grace our skies in the Fall season. While every full moon has a unique presence, this one is truly special. To the human eye, the moon will appear full from the evening of Saturday, October 12 through the early morning light of Tuesday, October 15. The Hunter’s Moon also has another interesting characteristic. Because the Hunter’s Moon appears just opposite the sun and will be on the horizon at the same time as the sunset, it will appear bright orange, just in time for pre-Halloween festivities.

During the next few days, stand outside in a spot with a clear view of the moon. Look up and begin to comprehend the power of this cosmic body. Along with the sun, the moon has the power to control the rising and falling of the ocean tides. But the moon is responsible for so much more!

What might happen to our Earth if there was no moon? Without the moon to stabilize our planet, our seasons would go haywire, and our planet’s orbit around the sun would change drastically. Our beloved oceans would change from beautiful wave pools to serene lake-like bodies of water. This would change the nutrient flow of the ocean, eventually forcing many aquatic species into extinction. That’s the power of the moon.

You are a being of Nature, fused into its being. You are connected to the power and the energy contained in the moon. Feel this power. Feel the moon’s light and energy. As you stand in its light, practice ‘The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth’ to re-energize yourself.

Guided Video: Click here for a video of ‘The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth’.

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