Once in a Blue Supermoon

As the days shorten and summer comes to a close, we look to one last full moon of summer—the third of four consecutive supermoons in 2023. Appearing opposite the sun with Saturn close by, the moon will reach its peak illumination on August 30 at 9:36 PM EST.
As the second full moon in the month of August, this full moon is known as a blue moon. Be sure to catch it! This rare event happens once every few years, giving rise to the saying, “once in a blue moon.” However, the “super” moon status makes this sighting extra unique. The next time two supermoons will appear in the same month won’t be until 2037.
There’s one more supermoon left to admire this year. The fourth and final supermoon of 2023 will rise on September 29.
With a lot of cosmic and planetary movement occurring, you may find it’s a good time to complete unfinished business.  Look back on the past few years to see what was left undone.  You may now find a new perspective.

Join Us

On August 30 at 9:30 PM EST, hold the meditative posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth for 30 minutes. Close your eyes and merge into the wisdom of the full moon. Use this posture to harmonize with Nature, and tap into the loving consciousness of others from around the world.