Hidden in Plain Sight

Have you ever looked up at the sky only to see the sun or the moon covered behind a swath of pillowy-white clouds? This image provides the perfect metaphor for so many life experiences. Sometimes, the answer is crystal clear. We see it in front of us and take immediate action.  Other times, the answer is hidden—much like this moon behind the clouds—in plain sight.

The answer we’re looking for might be a health condition, an emotional struggle, or the the sense of being “stuck”—in a career, a relationship, or anything else. It might take years of digging to chip away what we’ve piled up around it, but once the clouds clear and we’re ready to see (or look from a new angle) the real image appears.

If this has ever happened to you, you’ve likely felt that “aha” moment, where you realize the answer was there all along. And those years of digging to discover it weren’t accidents at all. The mess-ups and “failures” you experienced were necessary steps that led you in the right direction.

It’s often difficult to see the good in a closed door or a missed opportunity. But later—maybe the next day or even a full decade later—the right venture presents itself. It’s then we realize that the opportunity was waiting for us to be truly present, engaged and willing to take a leap of faith.

A wise master once guided his student with the message, “If it’s yours, it will be yours.” No matter the time or the place, when you are ready, the right opportunity will find you. But first, you have to dig deep within and do the hard work to grow yourself.


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