Blow With the Breeze

The Atlantic Basin is in peak hurricane season and has already seen a record-breaking nine tropical storms, all before mid-August. These storms have brought torrential rains, rising sea levels and winds—strong winds. During these storms, it’s easy to watch in awe of Nature’s unending power. But what about the days when a perfect ocean breeze is blowing? Do we still feel Nature’s strength?

Wind is simply moving air. However, something about its movement—delicate or furious—speaks to us. Wind sends us a message to either look up with eyes closed, a smile crossing our lips as we gently exhale, or to head indoors. A gentle breeze is Nature’s push to help us move forward with grace, to roll along with the punches, taking things as they come.

Wind will flow in the direction it wants to travel. Even if we try to change its course, or use an object to block it, wind will continue on—up and above or down and below the object—to fulfill its destiny. A fresh breeze is a constant reminder that no matter what obstacles get in our way, we must push forward, continuing on our path (or carving out a new one) to find what treasures lie ahead.

Life is short. Don’t sit by while opportunities fly past you. Instead, step bravely ahead, allowing Nature to gently push you in the right direction.


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