Let Your Intuition Lead You

Have you ever allowed your mind to take the backseat and let your intuition guide you? You should try it sometime. It’s like skydiving: that feeling of utter exhilaration–complete freedom, where every sign points you in the right direction, and every move you make leads you further on your journey. And while there are twists and turns along the way, you don’t view them as risks, only as an adventure that brings you ever closer to fulfilling your destiny.

While in the midst of daily life, allowing intuition to lead you may sound clunky and surreal, but it is something we all innately know how to do. Unfortunately, many of us have gotten caught up in the daily to-dos and have lost our connections with ourselves and with the natural world. Fear not! That natural instinct is not far from your grasp.

Here’s how to make your way back:

1. Think about what you most want to achieve. Yes, thinking involves your mind but you can use your rational mind to access your intuitive wisdom. Ask yourself these questions: What is it that I most want in life? Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a store, jet off on a safari or change your career. Be honest and be bold!

2. Ask for Universal guidance. The Universe is all-knowing, ever-present and filled with limitless Qi, or energy–and you are a part of it. Asking the Universe for help is like drinking a cup of restorative tea. While guidance spills in from all around you, you’ll actually find yourself delving deeper within. Asking for Universal help is simple. Write your intention, or your deepest wish, on a piece of paper. Walk outside in Nature,  breathe deeply and recite your message aloud. If you find yourself holding back for fear that others will hear or judge you, take a deep breath and ask again. This time, speak loudly and clearly. Let your intention come from the deepest point within.

3. Let go and allow yourself freedom. After you’ve given your intention to the Universe, release it. Smile knowing that your intention is reaching higher and higher levels. Allow yourself to be creative and free. Give yourself permission to color outside of the lines from time to time. Does life seem to be pulling you in one direction over another? Don’t ignore those messages! Allow your intuition to lead you.