There’s a common saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

We all have good intentions that we plan to act upon and essentially, fail to do so. We push those intentions off for a later time—when it’ll better fit into our schedules, when it makes more sense to do so, or because we’ll be more mentally prepared for it at a later date. But what if you took the first thing on your personal “good intentions” list, and actually checked it off? And what if you completed the mission, by seeing every one of those intentions through? How might your life change?

The intentions made their way on your list for a reason. They are internal reminders to either do good deeds or to become better versions of ourselves. They are a push to grow, to learn, to become—more successful, more sensitive, more alive. But if these intentions sit and wait for the timing to be right, they are never going to manifest into reality—we are never going to truly own them.

Once a good intention is made, whether it’s spoken, thought of or written down, give it more than just a passing whisper. Take ownership of it. Set your love behind it and follow through. You will likely be so proud and feel so good that you did.


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