Year-Long Emotional Balance

Most of us would agree that we would like harmonious, balanced emotional lives. But life happens and we often lose our centeredness. How can we regain “the flow”? What does each season teach us about emotional well-being that we can use all year round?

Seasonal Energies

Each season has keynote emotions that allow us to cultivate greater harmony and balance. Spring’s anger (robust, rising energy) can be balanced with gentleness. The worry/over thinking of Early Summer can be calmed with trust and faith. Late Summer’s overly exuberant joy can be toned down by connecting with the peacefulness of the Spirit. Fall’s emotion is grief/sadness and its balancing action can be deep understanding with acceptance. Winter’s emotion is fear, which can be relieved by kindness and benevolence. We can find ways to cultivate emotional healing in any season, at any time.

The Body’s Messages and Nature’s Messages

In Fall, the predominant organ system is the Lung/Large Intestine. The Lungs are in charge of the flow of air in and out of our bodies. But energetically, they are responsible for so much more! Our Lungs connect our “inside” with our “outside” through the nose. As the highest organ in the torso, the Lungs disperse Qi downward to the other organs. When the Lung and its partner, the Large Intestine, are depleted or out of balance, dry skin and constipation may result. The body sends these messages to help us “tune in” to what’s happening energetically.

During Fall, Nature also sends us messages. Over the course of a few weeks, a forest of green transforms into shades of  red, orange, yellow and brown. Soon after, the trees release their leaves, now dry and crisp, all over the ground. What can we can learn from Fall’s gorgeous gifts? Nature only keeps what is necessary. During this preparation time, Nature releases what it no longer needs. It knows that the upcoming snow and ice would add too much weight to already full tree branches. Nature must release and let go, so that it can move forward.

On those crisp, clear Fall days, fill and empty your Lungs completely. Breathe in life! As you connect with Nature’s messages, begin to let go of what holds you back. Release so that you, too, can move forward.

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