As the days shorten and the skies darken earlier than in months past, I find it important to remember that this is Nature’s Way. I keep a positive outlook by observing Nature and by flowing with the changes that the arrival of the Winter season provides. I prepare myself by planning some restful time into my busy schedule, and by saving my precious energy.

Practicing Qigong is my way to prepare for the Winter. Although I practice year round, following each seasonal program that our school provides allows me to open myself to see whatever is coming at me in a positive light. Right now, everyone around me is dragging their feet and feeling more and more tired. However, I am excited to look at the window every morning to see what the weather will bring, and how the trees have changed from yesterday. The smell is also changing, and snow will be here soon. Most flowers are gone, yet I found these beauties popping out of one of my plants this morning.

Our bodies are capable of the same beauty each season, but the beauty manifests distinctly at various times. It just takes a different sense of appreciation to be able to embrace it. Look outside the window and discover Nature’s bountiful wisdom. Just follow it!

-Edna Rodriguez-Plate


Mark Your Calendars

Our Winter Soup Cleanse will be taking place from January 17-24. In the meantime, check out the great things we have going on this Fall.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Edna❣️ ‘This is Nature’s way’ is a gentle reminder that all is well as nature does her thing.

    I’ve never liked the fall. As far back as I can remember, it signaled the end of summer’s freedom. A little farther along in my life journey, I just plain didn’t like watching things die. This took the form of preferring perennials in my garden to annuals. I wanted the constancy of perennials, knowing that they would return. Plus, it just didn’t make sense to put effort into something that was going to be so short lived.

    In late June, I bought a flat of oversized marigolds at a local farm stand. As it was the end of their season, the farmer sold the whole flat to me for a mere ten dollars. I planted them on a brutally hot morning in July, watered them daily, and deadheaded them after my daily walks this summer. The marigolds took off in front of my retaining wall, bringing bright color to the more subdued heliopsis and hostas. I could see them from a block away as I made my way home. When I introduced myself to one of my neighbors, he said, “Oh, your house is the one with the flowers in front, right?”

    I cleared the bed in front of the retaining wall this week. The marigolds were on their way out. Their bright pop of color had enlivened my summer in a way no perennial could have. And, I was more grateful than sad!

    ‘This is Nature’s way.’


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