Winter and the Water Element

The Winter season is closely tied to the Water element in traditional Chinese medicine. Some would argue that Water is the most important element, as it is vital to life on Earth. From the highest mountaintops to the deepest valleys, from gas to flowing liquid to solid ice, Water is present throughout Nature. As each of us are mirrors of the Universe itself, this element is reflected in each of our bodies as well.

The human body is composed of about 70% water. As such, it has a huge influence on the body! In Winter, your Kidney and Bladder maintain the body’s water systems and are the root of your vitality. During Dragon’s Way Qigong® classes, we often refer to the Kidney and Bladder as your energy tank. It becomes clear why it’s important to rest, include restorative practices and eat healthy foods throughout Winter. The quality of your energy during this time of year will determine how smoothly you transition into Spring, and prevent Spring-related conditions such as hay fever and skin rashes. These are the deeper preventive teachings behind traditional Chinese medicine.

Build your Kidney Qi. Participate in the Winter Soup Cleanse to purify your body. Then find a Dragon’s Way instructor in your area to continue to lay a solid foundation of quality Qi. Your body will thank you in so many ways!