Stress and Overall Health

Emotional stress is 100% more damaging than physical stress.

Stress can cause Liver function disorder. In fact, most modern disease—high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer—is associated with Liver function disorder. That’s why Liver function becomes the major point to break through: today you have physical and emotional stress. You also have information stress, from constantly checking your cell phones and email. All of these stressors constantly bombard the Liver.

So how do we protect and boost our Liver energy? Everyone is born with a natural healing ability. You must believe that you are capable and able to heal yourself. Unfortunately, we live in a society that constantly creates stress and doesn’t promote the ability to self-heal. Because of this, it is hard to find balance. But it’s not impossible.

Spring is the season related to Liver energy. As we head into this season of renewal, learn how to delve inward to boost your Liver and find a better state of physical and emotional balance.


Listen to Grand Master Nan Lu’s interview below:

Qigong Journey for Emotional Freedom

Join Grand Master Nan Lu from March 24 – April 1 as he guides you to tap into the emerging energy of Spring. Enjoy balanced emotions and great health as you meditate, practice Qigong movements and learn a new way of eating. Click here for program details!