Dragon’s Way Qigong for Emotional and Physical Health

A recent study from researchers at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) World Foundation found that a mind-body intervention called Dragon’s Way Qigong may relieve several physical and emotional health issues. This technique, from the Wu Ming Qigong tradition, was shown to reduce stress-related psychological and physical symptoms.

The research data confirmed clinical observations of the program’s effectiveness in lowering stress and increasing overall wellness for a diverse population, with a majority of subjects reporting significant relief from both physical and psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, over a two-year period.

A group of 102 subjects, including 88 women and 14 men, participated in Dragon’s Way Qigong classes at different times in six-week sessions, taught by certified Wu Ming Qigong instructors. Data collected from these subjects before and after each session showed that 80 percent of participants experienced a reduction or complete disappearance of chronic physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress, including anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension, back pain, forgetfulness, nervousness, shortness of breath, insomnia, abdominal distention, depression and headache. In addition, 90 percent of subjects reported improved anxiety and depressive symptoms. Repeat studies have continued to show consistently positive results.

With more people becoming aware of the impact of stress on health and well-being, finding ways to reduce it is a crucial concern. Dragon’s Way Qigong may hold one answer. Based on traditional Chinese medicine’s Five Element energetic framework, Dragon’s Way Qigong is structured around Wu Ming Qigong movements, TCM-based eating for healing plan, practical lifestyle changes and unique stress release techniques drawn from Taoist healing practices.

With empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of such interventions, more people can turn to Qigong to improve both mental and physical health. As explained by Grand Master Nan Lu, founder of TCM World Foundation and creator of the Dragon’s Way Qigong program, “Dragon’s Way Qigong goes to the root cause, beyond the mind. We allow the body to take over and provide natural healing.”

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