The Radish: A TCM Cure-All

The wise Chinese sages used Nature as their medicine cabinet. They often touted the benefits of radish and used it often during the seasonal transition between Fall and Winter. “Right now, good radish soup is better than ginseng.”

This spicy root vegetable has the ability to re-balance the digestive system, boost the immune system, and gently cleanse the body. Clearly, radish packs a serious punch! But how does it stimulate your self-healing ability?

Radishes have an exceptional ability to stimulate Qi flow in your body. The way to ensure lifelong health is through smooth-flowing Qi. If Qi is constantly flowing, disease cannot enter. When Qi flows throughout your body’s energy pathways, each organ receive the proper amount of energy that it needs to function optimally. As a result, everything within your body communicates with each other, relaying important messages that are necessary to maintain your body’s balance. The end result is an energized body, mind and spirit that work in harmony!

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