Hormones Out of Whack? How Qigong Can Help

If you’re a woman, chances are you know all too well that a discomfort-free, regular menstrual cycle depends on a delicate balance and interplay of hormones. Once these hormones are thrown off, your body will let you know—loud and clear—on a monthly basis.

Energetically, a woman’s hormone system is regulated by the proper functioning and intercommunication of several key organs, including the Liver and the Kidney. Because the sensitive function of the Liver can easily be disrupted by the energetic frequency of stress, constant emotional duress can impact your monthly cycle, while unbalancing your hormones more and more over time. The Kidney is similarly impacted by the energetic frequency of negative emotions, particularly the emotion of fear, as well as overwork. Both of these energy drains cut into the Kidney’s precious energy reserves, which need to be at a certain level for healthy reproductive and hormonal function.

A difficult menopause or infertility are but two examples of how these energetic imbalances can visibly manifest in a woman’s hormonal system and reproductive cycle over time, especially if one’s lifestyle is stressful, full of anxiety and fear, and on-the-go 24/7. Luckily, naturally re-balancing one’s hormones is more than doable through acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, and Qigong, as well as through lifestyle changes: managing and releasing stress, getting enough sleep and downtime, and even the occasional restful vacation (we’d prescribe several vacations a year to someplace warm and peaceful)!

Qigong is the perfect hormone-balancing technique that one can do anywhere, anytime, to release stress and build Qi while letting go of the kinks and blockages that can impede the functioning of one’s energy system. If you tend to suffer from any women’s health related issues, we recommend incorporating this easy acupressure-based routine, The Four Energy Gates, into your daily self-care ritual to regain energy and balance for lifelong health as a woman. A bonus that holistic health aficionados have known for centuries: a balanced energy body and healthy hormones are conducive to looking and staying youthful and beautiful, inside and out!

We also recommend Wu Ming Qigong for Women’s Health, especially if you are interested in breast health and cancer prevention—check out our calendar for upcoming trainings to learn both The Four Energy Gates and Wu Ming Qigong for Women’s health. DVDs are available here.