Eating for Weight Loss and Ultimate Healing

You may be surprised to learn that the Asian way of eating for weight loss is totally different from the Western concept. Instead of focusing on calories or nutrients, the Eastern method of eating for healing delves down to the level of Qi. Everything is Qi, so when we eat for healing we look at the deeper, energetic properties of food that can rebalance the body and boost its energy.

How does this method of eating relate to weight loss and ultimate healing? Having enough Qi can keep the body and its organs from becoming imbalanced due to the daily wear and tear of a stressful, busy modern lifestyle. This is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy digestive system and a balanced metabolism. When the body is in balance, it doesn’t hold on to extra. Further, when the body is in balance, disease and illness cannot enter.

Follow these tips to restore balance:

1. Listen to your body. Your body communicates with you through aches, pains, and messages such as hunger or thirst. But beyond a rumbling stomach telling you when to eat, how do you know what to eat? Cravings are important messages to listen to. When you are craving salty foods, your Kidney is calling for some support. Sour? That’s your Liver. Sweet relates to your Stomach and Spleen, bitter to your Heart and finally spicy to your Lung. When you learn to tune in, listen, and honor your craving, you are letting your body know that you’re both on the same wavelength.

2. Drop the unhealthy habits. Many people skip breakfast in favor of getting a head start on the day. But a stressful day leads to a quick—and usually unhealthy—lunch and probably dinner as well. Many people are completely fried by the end of the day. Eating for healing allows your body to replenish its reserves, to give your body the fuel it needs to keep moving and doing all day long. But unhealthy dietary habits, like skipping breakfast, eating after 7pm, eating until you’re stuffed, and eating cold or raw foods stress your body’s digestive organs and cause “energy drains”.

3. Eat for energetic healing. Eating foods that have specific energetic properties corresponding to the Stomach, Spleen, Liver, and Kidney can also counteract the effects of energy drains and stress. Once these energy-producing organs are in good form, you’ll naturally be able to transform your food into energy much more efficiently.


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