The Energetic Essence of Fruits and Vegetables

The produce section of a supermarket has an array of fruits and vegetables. Some are richer in vitamins and minerals than others. There are bananas, which are high in potassium; avocados, which are rich in good fats; and raspberries, which are high in antioxidants.

Our Energetic Connection to Foods

But there’s more to fruits and vegetables than their physical composition alone. Just as fruits and vegetables are part of Nature, so too, are we. We often lose sight of the essence of foods and our energetic connection to them. We forget that our bodies can heal using the energetic signature of different foods. Everything is energy, so different foods connect to specific energetic aspects of our meridians and organs.

Growing Conditions

The growing conditions of a fruit or a vegetable help determine its essence. Apple trees bloom in Spring. Those flowers eventually become apples, which are harvested in early Fall. Apples have a very different healing essence from lettuce, which grows quickly, is harvested in Summer, and grows close to the ground. An apple is lighter, easier to digest, and contains more healing wisdom than lettuce as it has had more time to assimilate information from Nature. In addition, organic is always best. This is how Nature intended food to be grown—with sun, soil and rain.

Local and Seasonal

Where and when is almost as important. Many foods are harvested thousands of miles away and transported by plane to their destination. By the time you see these fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, it’s been days or even weeks since they were picked! Eating in-season foods is always best, so before buying, think about the foods that are currently growing in your region. A trip to your local farmer’s market might turn up a new seasonal favorite. And if you have a green thumb, you can’t get more seasonal and local than your own backyard vegetable garden!

The next time you choose produce, focus on their essence—where, when, and how they were grown and harvested, and how long it took the fruit to mature. When you bite into your next juicy apple, remember that it came from Nature—just like YOU!

Integrating Food Into Life

Beyond understanding the powerful healing essence of foods, how do we assimilate this knowledge into our lives to create real healing? Try some of the healing recipes on our website. Then sign up for a Dragon’s Way Qigong® program. Here you’ll learn Qigong movements, follow an Eating-for-Healing plan and get lifestyle tips to bring your body, mind and spirit into greater balance.