Connie’s Story: Clean Report Through Qigong

I was a smoker in the past. After a CT scan showed a nodule on my lung, I began practicing Qigong faithfully. Last week’s repeat CT scan showed that the nodule had completely disappeared. My scarring is now very light. Only one tiny dot remains—it is the size of a hair follicle.

My doctor can’t figure it out, but I know that my Qigong practice helped shift my energy.

I’ll return to my doctor in one year for a check-up, but I am fully convinced that the scarring will disappear as well. I said to the doctor, “One year? Then I am in good shape?” He was practically dancing around the room as he responded, “You are in great shape.”

I am so grateful to God, Qigong, the Universe, and Grand Master Lu for helping me find my own path to inner healing. Big hugs and love to my Qi family that supports me energetically at all times.