The Force of Water: Within and Around You

Standing on the beach, we can see and feel the power of waves. They pull sand from beneath our feet, tumbling rocks and seashells back and forth. On a stormy day, waves swell, causing not only shells to move about, but surfboards, sailboats and cruise ships.

Likewise, we can imagine the same power of water while looking into the Grand Canyon, a large chasm formed over time by moving water. The river that still flows at the bottom of the canyon cut a channel through the rock about 5-6 million years ago. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon is like taking a walk back in time, and feeling the majesty of Nature in its truest and most raw form.

Let’s add in the influence of the moon on water. We just experienced the incredible Strawberry Supermoon. Around the time of a full moon, ocean waves are larger and rip currents are stronger than usual. Do you see the invisible power? Everything in Nature is connected.

Step outside of Nature for just a moment, and envision that same force within you. After all, the human body (at various times in your life) is made up of between 50-70% water. The water in your body has the same force and intention as it does in Nature. It can sit and be still, or it can run and flow with great speed. How does water move through you? How is it influenced by everything around you?