Bite Your Teeth, Build Your Energy!

Over the last hundred years, modern physicists have discovered intriguing things about our reality. The insights of relativity theory and quantum science defy the impressions we receive through our five senses.

When delving into the subatomic world, quantum scientists learned that everything is interconnected. They called this “inseparability.” At the deepest levels of reality, it’s impossible to separate one thing from another. These invisible connections are foundational to our world, our lives, and the ways in which our bodies function.

While modern physicists discovered these insights through experiments and calculations, ancient Chinese sages perceived the same insights through deep spiritual practice. They called their realization “Oneness”, and it formed the foundation for traditional Chinese medicine. These connections don’t just exist within an individual; they connect that individual to all other living beings, and to the Universe itself.

Oneness and Kidney Energy

So, what’s the relationship between Qi, Oneness, and the TCM technique of biting the teeth? For that, we look to the Five Element Consciousness Framework. This system maps life’s infinite interconnections, and arranges them into five elemental patterns. Winter is related to the Water element and the Kidney organ system. By embracing Nature’s example, we learn that Winter is a perfect time to turn inward and conserve Kidney Qi.

The Kidney is the storage tank for your inborn Qi, which was inherited at birth from your mother and father. Ideally, we conserve this Qi and use only the Qi that we acquire each day. But when another organ system is low on energy, the Kidney sends an extra Qi boost from this inheritance. Without strong Kidney Qi, the other organ systems can fall out of balance.

The Kidney is responsible for physical functions, like extracting waste from blood; yet it also has energetic functions at deeper, invisible levels in the body. One of these responsibilities involves nourishing the bones and maintaining the integrity of their structure. The teeth are the “surplus” of the bone.

Healthy bones and teeth are dependent on strong Kidney Qi. When the teeth are stimulated, so is the Kidney system. As you age, your Kidney Qi naturally declines. Elderly populations often suffer from weakened bones and dental problems. Caring for your body before a problem arises will help you make a powerful shift toward lifelong health.

Practice the Biting Technique: 

Gently bite your teeth together 50 times. Practice this two to three times per day. This technique is particularly effective in Winter, but can be practiced daily, throughout the year.