Healthy kids need good nutrition. The best way to access their nutrition is to boost their digestive systems. When the digestive system functions properly, the body is able to absorb the healing essence of each food. It’s not what you put in the body, but what the body absorbs that’s important.

Food contains information. But how does your body receive that information? And once your body receives it, how does the body process and digest the information in order to transform it into usable energy?

Metabolism function is the bedrock of support for your immune system. If you strengthen the digestive system, the immune system will become stronger and better able to fight off disease or illness. How else can the immune system take action to fight off illness or disease if it doesn’t get enough energy or power?

In the winter, when it’s easier for children to catch a cold or the flu, one of the simplest ways to strengthen both the digestive system and the immune system is to cook a special herb blend with an organic chicken and have your child drink this broth once a day. Warming foods are especially important during the colder months. Make sure to give them warm drinks–not cold–especially in the morning, and feed them warm soups and roasted in-season vegetables. This will nourish their bodies while also allowing their digestive system to rest. If their bodies don’t have to work so hard to warm up ice cold drinks, and work overtime to process chemicals and fillers in processed foods, they can focus on digesting the good foods and absorbing nutrients needed to stay healthy and grow.

Picky eater? Get your kids involved in the cooking. Have them peel, measure, stir, and pour. Before long, they’ll be begging you to cook with them again–and will reap the benefits of tasting their creations.

For a good start, head over to our recipe section. Make some soup and veggies for dinner tonight!

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  1. Comment * Loves these tips however my child 5yo is now a very very picky eater. He wasn’t always this way. He would eat beans, salmon, zucchini, squash and roasted chicken. He was such a healthy eater and now only wants limited variety of foods and wants anything sweet. Any suggestions? I’ve tried having him cook with me and he will not budge.


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