Profound Connection to Natural Law

TCM is deeply rooted in the understanding of Qi, the life force that animates all things. The theories and practices of TCM are a reflection of its profound connection to the natural laws of the universe.

Most people in modern society have no idea what natural laws are; however, these laws have a critical effect on health and healing. Whether an individual believes in them or not, when he or she tries to go against natural laws—the invisible, real rules of the universe—they become sick in either a minor or major way.

The cycle of seasons starts with spring and ends with winter.

The cycle of Yin-Yang begins with Yang and ends with Yin.

Everything must follow this natural law

because it rules the life and death of all things.

If you go against this law, then disastrous things will happen.

If you follow this law, then all things will be fine.

That is the way of Tao. 

—Nei Jing (475‒221 B.C.E.)