Many times, your body sends you messages. They could be in the form of an achy back, stiff knees, thirst, hunger, a headache, exhaustion, or even a very short fuse. How many times do you stop and listen to what your body is saying? And if you do stop, how often do you actually give your body what it wants?

A symptom, like a headache, is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s the body’s way of sending you a message. It’s saying, “Hey, I need a rest. I need healing, don’t push!”  But we continue to push the body, and that’s where the problems begin. If we are continually pushing, we’re telling the body, “You can work on little sleep. You can function in a high-stress environment. You must continue to move even though I haven’t given you what you need.”

How long can your body function at that level? Your body knows its limits, but do you?

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