Experiencing the Unlimited

Traditional Chinese medicine believes the body holds the key to reverse any illness that it expresses. The body can heal itself if we provide the right opportunity and the right environment for it to do so.

Every disease has a cure because everything–disease included–is energy. When you take a tangible mass or disease and set it in the right environment, it has the potential to transform back into invisible energy. After all, the invisible is always more powerful than the visible. But as humans, we use our limited minds to try to understand the unlimited body and all of its capabilities.

When a health challenge arises, we often fail to see beyond the tangible. Our skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, veins and blood can all be viewed, sampled and studied. Our thoughts can be unpacked and our emotions can be discussed. But in separating the body into its distinct parts, we ignore the guiding principle of Oneness.

Why stop at the visible when there is so much more? What about the rest of us? Do we ever allow ourselves to fully experience the pieces of us that are invisible, like spirit and life-sustaining Qi?

Body-mind-spirit healing has been in practice for thousands of years. At the body-mind-spirit level, illness and disease are just a shadow of the highest, spiritual dimensions. Everything is a reflection of your spirit. Your body is the life of your spirit. Do not separate them; they are one.


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Fall Prevention Program: Creating Balance with Grand Master Nan Lu

September 13-23

We are One within ourselves and with our surrounding Nature. As Nature transitions into the Fall season, many people experience uncomfortable seasonal allergies. Align yourself with Nature’s energy and transition with ease. Build energy, create inner balance and build higher levels of immunity. A body in balance is the true definition of health!