Nancy’s Story: My Journey to Health

As I approach the new year and all that lies ahead, I am taking stock.

This journey began many years ago, when I first studied meditation with Norman Rosenberg at Pangea Farm. At that time, I felt that if I didn’t do something, I would kill myself with all my running around. I learned many lessons, but one major one remains unfinished—take your time.

Five years ago, my main coronary artery was 98-99% blocked. After having a stent put in, I continued to experience the symptoms that led me to the doctor in the first place—my heart would pound, and I would sometimes become dizzy walking up hills or stairs. Plus, the medication they put me on gave me not one but two bleeding ulcers. I tried acupuncture near me, but that didn’t work, and I continued to suffer with the symptoms.

Soon thereafter, Edna Rodriguez offered Dragon’s Way Qigong®, and I took it. I was hooked on a superficial level that has deepened over time. That summer, as we sat on my back porch, Edna showed me Energy Gate #1 and told me the importance of #10. I remember responding, “#10 must be good for my heart.” I then realized I needed to both see and walk differently, something I have continued to learn over and over. It is hard to take in these changes.

I began walking in nature instead of walking for cardio benefits. I retired soon after that summer and found Master Lu. I guess you could say the fall was the “Great Conjunction” in both the universe and my practice. I also began taking Tao of Morning Qigong, and I haven’t stopped since.

I began seeing Master Lu as a patient, wanting him to fix me. I listed my symptoms: leaky valves, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and of course, osteopenia and arthritis! I sought a new approach to my heart symptoms, but he responded “Liver”. I didn’t quite understand. I wondered what he saw when he looked at me talking about my heart that made him say “Liver”. I began to think about what the Liver had to work on before it could be balanced, and I saw how easily I get frustrated, and how hard I am on myself.

Some changes are pretty pronounced. I no longer suffer from constipation, though sometimes the opposite is the case. Although I still have a limited range of motion in my shoulder—which Master Lu says is related to my Heart—I can hold #10 for 30 minutes or even longer. When I began, I could only hold it for 3 minutes! And I can swim!

The best news is that my heart is strong by Western measures. My valves have gone from mild-moderate narrowed to mild, and my arteries are only mildly narrowed. There are no signs of problems in my other arteries. I’m off the blood pressure medicine and have reduced the others, and all the numbers are good. I’m 78 years old, and I feel great.

My grandchildren were so impressed with my flexibility that they said I was like a 50 year old! When my husband had COVID, we separated and took precautions, but I also used my Qi practice to stay healthy. And guess what? I did not catch it!

I’m continually realizing how important it is that we keep learning. Last spring, Master Lu opened our meeting by saying I was doing “pretty good”. Later, he said, but “not damn good”! I was so frustrated that I began to cry. I wanted him to tell me what the requirement was for success. I now see what he meant. I have moved to a new level. Recently, he commented on how proud he is of me. But just as important, I’m proud of myself. I am doing this for me, not for anyone else.

The most significant change I see is how I look at things. I now look for the invisible Qi explanation—where am I blocked? What is the emotional component?

Do I always live up to my aspirations? Sadly, the answer is no. On my most recent visit to the center, I drew the joker card. When I asked Master Lu what it meant, he said, “It’s a joke! Don’t be so serious!” Now when I get frustrated, I try to laugh. It helps a lot.

Body, mind, spirit: Qigong has changed everything. And I have so much more to explore. I look forward to doing it in the wonderful company of this community.

– Nancy Rabinowitz


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