Aloe Vera: A Lesson in Self-Healing

After sitting out in the sun for too long or scratching an irritating itch, we look for relief. Many know to turn to Nature for healing. The gel from the aloe plant is naturally soothing and healing for burns, rashes, and other skin conditions. It cleanses the air as well, as it releases oxygen on a continuous basis at nighttime. Want a more interesting tidbit? This medicinal plant is self-healing and self-propogating.

Experts recommend harvesting the full aloe leaf and removing the jelly-like interior. But as an experiment, we removed just a small piece of the aloe leaf. As it turns out, this plant can not only heal others, but itself as well. After a day or two, the piece of the leaf that was broken off was sealed, almost as if the plant was soothing its own open wound. In addition, when aloe vera plants are fully mature, they produce pups, or clones of themselves. These pups can be removed from the mother plant and replanted.

Nature is a wonder, isn’t it?


All living things have a self-healing ability. Aloe plants innately know how to self-heal. So do you!

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