Finding Wisdom in the Season

Nature is our greatest teacher. It knows how to build itself up, take what it needs, and let go of what it doesn’t. If we trace Nature through all five of its seasons, we see its deep sense of nurturing.

At the start, Nature enters into a time of deep rest and solitude. Energy pushes upward and outward under the hardened Winter soil in preparation for the Spring reveal. Without this time of renewal, the transition to Spring would not be possible. After new life graces the landscape, Nature transitions to the bright, blazing heat of Summer. Swollen fruits ripen, giving us their ultimate gift—sustenance. We have another time of rest and returning to the Earth in Late Summer, before the golden harvest days of Fall are upon us. Trees release their leaves, innately knowing that if they don’t let go, their branches will break under the weight of the upcoming snow. How smart they are to follow their intuition! Nature knows!

Can you follow Nature’s lead? Can you let go of what no longer serves you? Take some time this season—and every season—to follow Nature’s wisdom.