Live Wild and Free

Nature is wild, free, and untamed—these are the things that make it so exhilarating and rejuvenating. After just an hour of being surrounded by Nature’s glory, we feel something inside of us wake up! It’s almost as if spending time in the woods, surrounded by rushing streams, roaming animals and rustling trees awakens something primal within us.

Each one of us is a tiny reflection of Nature. We have all that is wild, free, untamed, and good within us. We have the unpredictability of water to rush quickly or inch slowly, the flexibility of wood to bend and move with ease without cracking or breaking, the momentum of fire to burn quickly or smolder—with the potential to destroy or to restore. We have the strength and resiliency of metal and the grounding, calming qualities of Earth.

Our day-to-day lives fill up so quickly. We have responsibilities, people that depend on us and a list of ‘to-dos’ that often extends beyond our reach. But in our most natural sense, when we set all of those distractions aside, we are one with Nature. Can you feel it? Can you see these elements expressed in your mind, body and spirit?

So take time to reclaim that wild, free, untamed feeling. Take a long walk in the woods and allow everything on your mind to wash away. Breathe in all of the goodness that surrounds you and allow it to become part of you. Up for more adventure? Book a safari trip or travel to the rainforest. Learn how people live in Nature and with Nature. Although we have separated ourselves from the natural world, the connection will always be there. It’s up to you to access it and make it part of your being.