The Closer We Look

For the past few weeks, we have been posting about the importance of our connection to Nature. But in the busyness of our pre-Covid-19 lives, we were always harried—far too busy—to see the gems right before us. Sometimes it takes a pandemic of epic proportions to shake us awake.

Those gems might be…

– our children’s smiles

– leaves unfurling as flowers bloom for the first time

– laughter, silly laughter

– fresh breeze on our faces

– the intricate details in tree bark

– a smile or wave from a neighbor

– a face-to-face conversation (albeit with a 6′ distance)

All of these things—and many more—present themselves to us on a daily basis. We often overlook the simplistic beauty in these moments because we are simply too busy to notice.

For the time being, the busyness of the outside world is vibrating at a more harmonious level, and Nature is responding. Wildlife is returning, smog is clearing and pollution levels are at an all-time low. Nature is speaking to us. It’s sending us signals. The closer we look, the more we actually see. What messages are you receiving?

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