The Power of the Invisible

Grand Master Lu is often heard saying, “The invisible is more powerful than the visible”. In other words, what you see with your two eyes isn’t the whole truth. When we strain to see what is happening and focus only on the visible, we miss what isn’t seen. The visible is simply a shadow or reflection of the truth.

Often, we only see what our minds want us to see. That’s why multiple people can experience the same situation and take away different forms of meaning from it. We have limited viewfinders that are even more impaired by our life experiences, criticisms of ourselves and others and long-held emotional struggles. But if we can see with our hearts instead of our minds, the judgement fades, the fear wanes and we begin to understand that we are all the same—energy beings united in this larger Universe.

Thinking and seeing with only our minds is limiting. The more you can let go, the freer you are to truly see.

And when you are free to see and experience life with your Heart, you understand that everything in life is connected. Every human is connected to one another. Every bird, flower, wind gust and star in the night sky is connected in the same group of consciousness. Each is another form of energy, or Qi—life force. And this is the same invisible Qi that runs through our bodies.

Qi has the power—the incredible power—to heal. Keeping that invisible energy flowing and moving is what helps it stay invisible and what keeps our bodies healthy. It’s also what prompts us to heal once we’ve pushed ourselves a bit too far.

Open your heart to all that is around you. Begin to see relationships—both visible and invisible. And begin to see yourself as part of that natural circle of invisible Qi.