A Reflection of the World Around Us

Some things just go together—beaches and seashells, butterflies and migrations, sun and moon. While there are patterns, and of course, universal laws that allow all beings to harmonize with Nature—the only hard and fast rules about what should and shouldn’t be are human-generated. Too often we get stuck following societal perceptions and expectations and lose sight of our intrinsic connection with Nature, each other, and ourselves.

Nature doesn’t need strict guidelines. Everything that exists learns to follow the ebbs and flows of Nature—from its gentle breezes to its extreme weather and its tall mountains to its low valleys. Animals and plants turn to Nature for all of their needs—water, nutrients, shelter, and even medicine. Although most of us no longer rely directly on Nature for our basic needs, we are a reflection of Nature, and its patterns create a constant in our lives. Its changing seasons are reflected in our changing emotions. As earth wakes up in Spring, we too dust off the dormancy of Winter and ready ourselves for a fresh start. As flowers burst with life in Summer, our energy builds, asking us to grow and change, seeing new perspectives and letting go of held emotions. Nature affects every part of who we are, whether or not we realize it.

Some things just go together—fresh tomatoes and Summer, bees and honey, people and Nature. We are one in the same. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

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