Life Experiences

“Your mind is based on the past. Your life is based on the future.” – Grand Master Lu

What does this quote mean to you? When we live through an experience, we store the memory of that event, whether traumatic or uplifting, somewhere in our rational minds. As we go through our lives, many of us cling to these memories, using them to guide us through decisions and paths that we are faced with. Often times, we conjure up many fearful or worrisome events and replay them over and over. Some would say this evolutionary trait helps humans to survive in tough situations. While carrying an understanding of past events and using “history to guide you” is important, it can also hold you back from living your best life.

Your rational mind is based on the past. It is a journey that is part of the fibers that came before you. But in living with the emotional aftermath of life experiences, we limit our futures. Your life is based on the future, not the past. Everything you are yet to experience is laid out in the roads ahead of you. In order to receive the gifts and promises that are to come, you must be able to let go of what keeps you in the past. Can you let go so to allow yourself to experience the real power of today and the promise of the future?

Step-by-step, inch-by-inch, follow the Tao. Find truth in becoming one with Nature. Resonate not with just the visible but the ever-powerful invisible. Peel off the unnecessary layers so that you can welcome life, truth, and goodness in. If you can achieve this level, disease cannot enter. Life will begin. Health will return.