Everything is Qi—Everything is Energy

What is Qi? Simply put, Qi is energy. But Qi goes much deeper than that. Qi is Universal life force, or the energy of the Universe. Everything in the Universe is made of energy—swirling wind, raging storms, rushing water. Just think about the power contained in a gust of wind or a bolt of lightning.

Qi contains power and wisdom. But energy is not just seen in the powerful; energy is everywhere and everything. All energy has consciousness. So everything in the Universe has purpose. Through energy and consciousness, all living things are connected.

Think about the definition of human being. A human being is Universal energy harmonized with earth energy and transformed to life. Every gene in your body has wisdom. You are entitled to a high level of being and healing. Your bloodlines trace back through history and carry wisdom from generations past. These codes for Universal harmony and love are buried deep within you. They are especially hard to reach during times of chaos, but you have the power to access them.

Symptoms that present themselves on your body are just forms of trapped energy. There is no cancer; it’s energy. There is no disease; it’s energy. If your body has been plagued by the symptoms of disease, it also has the wisdom to reverse that energy and make it work for good. Once you learn to tap into your innate wisdom, you will have the power to heal your body.

Practicing Qigong can help you tune into these innate healing abilities and allow them to function at their highest potential. Patients often ask about the benefits of Qigong. Qigong is an energy shower. Just as you take a shower to clean the outside of your body, you use Qigong to clean the inside of your body.

There are three different levels in which you can practice Qigong.

Level One: At this level of practice, you use Universal energies and wisdom to rebalance your body and heal your physical and emotional issues.

Level Two: At this second, deeper level, prevention becomes a byproduct of your practice. Through practice, you discover wisdom in your family relationships and in your body’s connection to nature. With continued practice, your perspective on life begins to change. You begin to understand the profound link that you have with all living things.

Level Three: At this level, you create oneness of the whole. Through practice, you learn to bring your body, mind, and spirit to the highest level to find enlightenment and discover your true life’s purpose.


Go Beyond!

Begin your own journey with Qigong by holding this simple yet powerful posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.