Finding Miracles: Reconnect Your Mind, Body and Spirit

While our physical bodies are capable of achieving tremendous things, we encompass two additional realms that are powerful beyond measure—our minds and our spirits. When we view the body as an isolated structure, we cut ourselves off from the amazing gifts we’ve inherited and the potential we are able to reach.

As we walk through life, we often live in our minds as we think, read and communicate. When our bodies express a physical symptom, we jump onto the internet or ask a friend to gain understanding. What could possibly be wrong? Why am I experiencing this pain? In doing so, we connect the mind and the body, but neglect the spirit—the most powerful of all. Everything that is expressed on the body stems from an energetic imbalance. After all, everything—including our emotions—is energy.

The Power of the Spirit

With all of the challenges our world is currently facing, we all want to experience a miracle. We know that miracles happen. We’ve seen them and we’ve heard about them. So how can we create opportunities to allow miracles to happen in our own lives?

Miracles only happen at the spiritual level, not the physical level. No matter the circumstances, miracles can only happen from the inside out, never from the outside in.

Unlock your mind. Allow positive thoughts and your vision of a positive future to come to you. Recall memories of happy things you experienced in the past—a joyful event, an exciting adventure, a loving relationship—and record these events deep down at a cellular level. Through this memory of recording, you are constantly connecting to positive energy. In turn, you’ll be able to connect to the Ultimate energy source, and use this energy to change your life.

Reconnect your mind, body and spirit. Recognize how powerful you are, how grateful you are and how unique you are. Relearn how to see yourself as a fully connected being.

Can you use your imagination to view yourself differently? Can you envision your future taking a different path?


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This post was excerpted from Grand Master Nan Lu’s podcast entitled Don’t Doubt Your Instant Feeling. Click the play button below to listen to the entire podcast.