Fatigue: Understanding Its Root and Taking Steps to Heal

Many people experience fatigue for one reason or another. One way to look at it is to say, “I don’t have energy.” But if you look at fatigue from a Qi point of view, you have to understand the root cause of where the fatigue is coming from. What organ gives it its power?

When fatigue comes from the Lung, it is totally different than when it comes from the Stomach or the Kidney. When the root of fatigue is in the Lung, the person isn’t able to talk or run. On the other hand, fatigue that is rooted in the Stomach creates tired, sore muscles. Something as simple as walking up the stairs can leave you feeling as if you’ve climbed the Himalayas. Can you imagine if fatigue comes from your Heart or from your emotions?

Practicing Qigong can help you achieve a healing result. But if you want to see lasting change, you must be committed to a quality practice. Your body has body healing rules. It has to go through natural processing based on who you are, how you are, and when you are. In addition, different organs have different frequencies, and require a different amount of energy to return to a state of balance.

How much Qi do you need to accumulate in order to heal your fatigue? Begin to practice by holding Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Commit to holding this posture every day, adding an additional 2-3 minutes each day. After a few weeks, ask yourself, how much can you increase your bank of Qi through this practice? How much can you change?

Everything is possible as long as you have faith. You must have faith in your own body.

Qi Thursdays

Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth is a powerful Qigong posture used in all of our healing programs. Practicing this posture correctly and often will help you accumulate more Qi.
To help you reach this level we will be hosting a free evening practice tonight and every Thursday until the end of July. We’ll teach you how to gain the most out of this posture. We’ll then practice together in a large virtual group for 30 minutes. This might sound like a long time to hold one posture, but our community will help create a Qi field to help you build your stamina. Join us and take a step toward lasting health. Learn more about Qi Thursdays.