Ask Grand Master Lu: Building Health in Spring

Question: What can I do to build my health in Spring?

Answer: Spring is the most important season of the year. Look at Nature—everything is growing and transforming. If you plant a seed too late, it won’t grow; if you plant it too early, it will wither. Nature is balanced. It knows how to use the seasons to create life. Watch Nature and become aware of her messages. Then, use these messages as a guide in your own life.

Most health problems we see today relate to Liver function imbalance. The Liver is in charge of processing our emotions and ensuring that our blood and Qi flow smoothly throughout our bodies. In today’s fast-paced society, we are constantly called on to be alert. This puts extra strain on the body’s resources and can cause it to quickly fall out of balance.

In Spring, take the opportunity to support your Liver, and its partner, Gallbladder. Reduce your stress and find ways to freely express your emotions. Fill your plate with seasonal foods that help this organ system to function at its potential. Foods that grow on vines, like string beans, cucumbers, and grapes, are especially beneficial. Vines grow quickly, move freely, and emulate the true nature of the Liver. Leafy greens, scallions, dandelion, bamboo shoots, garlic, vinegar, and lemon benefit the Liver as well. Beyond food, you will discover your true power in a quality Qigong practice. Be sure to allow yourself additional time to practice during Spring.