Healthy Liver, Healthy Life: Part 3

What does a healthy life really look like? And what does it mean to have a healthy Liver? In this last segment of our Healthy Liver, Healthy Life series, Grand Master Lu shares his wisdom on why the Liver and the Spring season are vital to year-round health.

In previous segments, Grand Master Lu shared two important tips for strengthening our Liver function: 1. Go with the flow and follow Nature’s energy. 2. Allow yourself the freedom to move.

In this last segment, he speaks about the eyes, which are associated with the Liver. We are reminded of a powerful healing gift that we were born with—tears!

Tears transform your energy from an internal, invisible state into the visible. Your invisible emotions carry on, manifest in visible tears, and push out from your eyes. Tears are the ultimate release!

In ancient times, it had been said, “One teardrop can wash away thousands of years of sadness. And one teardrop can bring back a million years of happiness.” That’s power! Why don’t we use it? While tears are often associated with sadness, they can express happiness, fear, anxiety, excitement, and much more. Think about how different people express their feelings. When children are happy, they smile, giggle, or scream. When elderly people are happy, they cry. \

Think about how relieved you feel after a good, solid cry. Tears have the ability to cleanse the body.

You have a gift—we all have a gift. Use your gift wisely. Let that energy flow!


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