Living Moment to Moment

Nature lives moment to moment. This highly dynamic system is continually in flux, constantly changing. Waves repeatedly swell and retreat, creating an ever-changing shoreline. Weather—Nature’s show of emotion—is constantly stirring as well. At one moment, it could be humid and sunny, and the next, cooling rain falls.

Instead of grasping each moment in time, humans live in the past or the future. We recall and relive emotional moments, whether loving, worrisome, or frightening. And we look forward to the future, often projecting our past memories on our future experiences.

How incredible would it be to become a naturally moving element, like water or weather, and truly live moment to moment? These elements and their motions are Qi, and so too are you. Through Qigong practice, you may experience that time collides and changes—the past is not the past and the future is not the future. Time and space are relative. Life is intertwined.

Everything is connected. How do you connect?

When our Qi connects to Universal Qi, we form a Qi circle.

Why is a pine tree evergreen? In its Qi circle, a pine tree maintains its color all year long, regardless of the weather.

Why then does a peach tree change? In its Qi circle, a peach tree goes through stages of growth and dormancy, based on Nature’s changes.

Each Qi has its own specific purpose. Everything happens for a reason.

Its up to each one of us to connect to Universal life and form our own Qi circle. How might your life and perspective change?

Learn the power of the circle.

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