Qigong is powerful and life-changing. Its practice has become increasingly popular with thousands of systems being taught.

Here are a few suggestions to help you experience good results while honoring this ancient practice.

1. Search for the right teacher.

Who are you drawn to? Listen to your intuition and find a teacher that you relate to. As time goes on, ask yourself, am I changing from the inside out? If the experience is positive, stick with that teacher and go deep into your practice.

2. Stick with one system.

Qigong practice guides Qi to flow in a particular manner. Your Qi is incredibly valuable! But did you know that different Qigong systems have different purposes? Some systems use movement to guide Qi flow, others use Qigong breathing, and still, others combine both Qigong movement and breathing. Each guides energy, but how, where and for what purpose? If you combine too many Qigong systems, your Qi will be confused.

3. Make a Commitment

Qigong is a serious practice that should not be entered into lightly. Take time to determine which system and which teacher is right for you. Then commit to one form of practice and enjoy the journey.


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